M & F Interview with Rich Froning about his Workout

The undisputed CrossFit Games champion took time to answer questions from M&F readers and fans.
By M&F Editors

Ian Currie asks: “What specific movement/event in CrossFit gives you the biggest problems?
Rich Froning: Running… I just hate it.
Muscle & Fitness: I think the majority of our audience feels the same way.

Peyton Vickers asks: “Being a college student on a budget, I find it hard to have the necessary equipment to progress in CrossFit. What do you suggest?”
Rich Froning: Make the best of what you’ve got, use your college fitness center for the heavy lifts but then buy the necessities for conditioning—jump rope, dumbbells (they can double as a kettlebell), rings, stuff like that—and buy from Rogue.

Mohamed Alaa Noaman asks: “What’s the best CrossFit workout to increase my total body strength?”
Rich Froning: Squat/deadlift.

Richard Brown asks: “What are your top 3 tips are for making the transition from a high level of fitness to the next level in terms of physical performance? I have been at a high level for a while now but have stagnated and am struggling to get to the next level.”
Rich Froning: Determination, you have to want to be the best… Faith, believe in what you’re doing…. Friends, surround yourself with people who are going to make you better.

Sig F Basilio asks: “Do you do CrossFit workouts every day? Any rest days or rest weeks?”
Rich Froning: Yes, and no, not really unless I’m traveling and have nowhere to work out. I feel awful after a complete rest day so I quit doing that.
Muscle & Fitness: Do you have “rest” days where you take it easier to recover? What’s your routine like on those days?
Rich Froning: I always say I’m going to take it easier on a day, but it usually turns into one of my harder days ha! AirDyne or Row helps me recover.

Tim Zeddies asks: “How many rounds of Cindy is your best?”
Rich Froning: 31, I think.

CrossfitTyler asks: “Do you have any pointers on how to start a CrossFit gym?”
Rich Froning: Find good people to help you. Start small and outgrow your space!

Zach Rupp asks: “What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?”
Rich Froning: I’ve had several very great mentors… Best advice I have ever gotten… “Love God, Fear Nothing.”

Andrew Tugman asks: “What is your take on the future of CrossFit?”
Rich Froning: I believe it’s here to stay! I’ll do it for the rest of my life!
Muscle & Fitness: Are there any specific ways you think CrossFit will grow/change?
Rich Froning: I think the sky is the limit. I’m glad I am part of it!

Kevin Bailey asks: “Who is your favorite superhero/mythical creature?”
Rich Froning: Batman!! Or Captain America

Muscle & Fitness: Thanks so much for this. Have a great time in Chile tomorrow!
Rich Froning: Thank you!